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This is the sixth and final episode of our six-part Psychology of Life Coaching series. Join us as we explore the models of psychology used most in personal development and how they each create change. Uncover the benefits and limitations of each model to reveal which coaching styles create deeper, lasting change. This series will help you understand your options for personal growth and how to choose the right coach training.

In this episode, we end the series with the concepts of Carl Jung and the New Age movement in personal development. We will explore:

  • Types of Spiritual Coaching – Yoga, New Age, Christianity, Kabala, Shamanism and more.
  • How Jung is balanced between scientific psychologies and the mystical wisdom traditions.
  • How Jung provides a creative approach to the mind that allows a person to use the power of their own imagination and trust symbols that arise spontaneously from the unconscious mind instead of the scientific-based psychology that is reductionist.
  • How discipline, structure, and a solid theory are necessary for a true transformation.
  • A psychology that integrates the best of scientific knowledge and the wisdom traditions of the world.

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Carl Jung and Spiritual Psychology


Robert Maldonado  00:01

Welcome back to Soul Sessions. Today we’re talking about Jung and the New Age. The last in our series on the psychology of coaching, or psychological influences on coaching.

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