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In this session, we discuss a woman’s journey to her own power.

  • How to own your power and stop projecting it on to others and outer circumstances.
  • Why you cannot access your power without doing your shadow work.
  • How a woman’s power is different than men’s.
  • How to experience the world as you true self outside of old patterns and shadow projections and into becoming a woman – the ANIMA and balancing energies of the ANIMUS.
Episode 18: A Woman’s Power – The Anima


Debra Maldonado 00:02

Hello, everyone, welcome to our soul session this week. We’re doing it today instead of Saturday because we have our retreat this weekend. For love. There’s a few spots left. If anyone’s interested in attending, just put a note below and someone will get with you. We’re doing an emotional wisdom retreat for love, and talk about love and emotions and opening your heart and all that. So, but today’s topic is a woman’s power.

Robert Maldonado 00:32

Yes. And we have an expert.

Debra Maldonado 00:37

Well, what I’ve noticed I was you know, we always come up with these topics and it’s usually something that I’ve been working privately with people, people and my clients and just noticing this idea what keeps one of the main things that keeps people stuck. The women I work with is that they project their power externally. They give power to things that, that keep that make them unhappy, basically. And so the struggles in their life, the real core of it is this power. And what we’re going to talk about today is what is the power of a woman, the Anima, which Jung talks about in animus. And what we have in us, that is really amazing that we can tap into, we’re going to tell you how to get into it, and why we don’t normally actually experience it. So in the beginning, when we start off in life as an ego, we build up our ego, we, the ego tends will look externally for safety and security. So we’ll look first to the parent as a baby and it’s helpless. And then throughout our life, we just basically look for how to fit in, we create a persona that helps us adapt to our social structure. And so for the rest of our Life, it’s almost like an automatic response, to think that there’s so much power out there in the world. I’m this little, little tiny ego. And I have to, you know, figure out my way in the world and it’s just this daunting task of survival. And so, we it’s a natural thing. It’s not about insecurity. It’s not about, you know, just not feeling good enough and saying affirmations, it’s really about what is actually happening psychologically, and spiritually, and how can we own the deeper power that we have?

Robert Maldonado 02:34

So I have some questions for you. Well, first of all, let’s define the the Anima. Okay. That way, we were all on the same page. So it’s obviously a Jungian term. How would you define it?

Debra Maldonado 02:52

I would sit well, it’s the feminine principle in the universe, basically, and in the psyche. And so it’s doesn’t necessarily mean a woman, it could mean just the feminine creative force. So if we look at matter, and physical things, that would be the Anima. So if we always call nature Mother Nature, because it’s a feminine idea, this beautiful, you know, these beautiful fish in the oceans to swim in, and you know, all this matter that we see, and even the body, our physical body is matter, physical matter. And so anything matter is feminine. So Anima is the feminine principle in us and as females, we are very connected to the earth. That’s why women actually were the first developed farming back in the early days. They were the ones who actually invented farming because they are so connected to the earth. The women are creative, intuitive. They have a sense of magic, and alchemy. And so so that’s the Anima The power of the Anima.

Robert Maldonado 04:01

Yeah. In Eastern philosophy, there’s something equivalent. It’s Shakti and the Shakti energy is the feminine energy that creates the universe, the physical manifested universe. Yeah, it’s incredibly interesting. A lot of people have probably heard the term Anima. And because it’s kind of a popular aspect of Jung’s work, yeah. But in his deeper writings, you know, where he’s talking about alchemy and the collective unconscious. He goes a little bit deeper than just kind of the, the masculine feminine aspects of psychology. He talks about the anima as the Soul of the World.

Debra Maldonado 04:46

I love that the Anima Mundi, that’s right. 

Robert Maldonado 04:50

And it’s very much associated with the mother archetype as well. And he always emphasizes that they all these archetypes. Have a light and a dark side. Not not evil, right? A lot of people interpret dark as evil but it’s not evil. It’s simply simply saying like, there’s creative energies, there’s also destructive energies within that archetype of the mother, or the Anima. 

Debra Maldonado 05:26

We need both the masculine and feminine, or nothing would be or the duality to create in this world and to to create things to have an experience of ourselves.

Robert Maldonado 05:36

Yeah, he says that the, the energy and the power of the archetypes comes from that duality, that they do represent these almost incompatible forces within them.

Debra Maldonado 05:52

But if you think about just simply the man and the woman coming together in Union creates new life and so that’s what you He thought of when he saw the Anima animus, it’s our and conscious and unconscious is to basically discover all parts of ourselves. So we can be more whole and then this new self can emerge our true self. A lot of people think their true self is this perfect person, you know, my true self is nice and she’s not calm and she’s, you know, doesn’t have any issues and she, you know, has all these things. Now, your true self is really you’re choosing to see all aspects of yourself, even the things that you don’t like, is to know that that’s also part of you, and, and have that kind of union of both to create this new you that’s more aware and more weak.

Robert Maldonado 06:43

Right? He, you know, you’ll also emphasizes this idea that we as individuals, are the embodiment of these archetypal energies, universal energies or universal forces. So a woman essentially would be the embodiment of the Divine Anima. The Divine. Yeah, the Soul of the World.

Debra Maldonado 07:12

Yeah. So when we think about women’s power, we have to think about that we are the Soul of the World we’re not you know, helpless women we are we embody all creativity, magic. Power without us. really, truly we, you know, we think about this in relationships, is that I think that women naturally I don’t know if it’s because our brains are structured differently and we can what’s that called? Multitask. But we can basically balance both the masculine and feminine, what much easier, and maybe that’s why we came up with the with the farming and a lot of the alchemy and a lot of the mixture of herbs and all those things early because we had that kind of capacity of spirit and matter are able to basically be the magician’s of the world. And, and men were out there just focused, you know, I think the brain the way I was thinking about this, the brain, the way the men focus early in life, I’m talking about caveman times, they had to go really have a brain that focused on one goal, they couldn’t be distracted by a lot of things that were out there in the wild and having to, you know, fight the enemy or fight the beast, where women can be in the safety of having that excess experience of taking care of the kids and making the food and doing a lot of different things. So I think I probably they’ve developed over time, too. We have a lot of capacity that we don’t give ourselves credit for. And I know for me when I was single, I was always feeling like men had all the power. I mean, everyone around me had, you know, the men were the corporate corporate leaders, the men were the bosses. The men were the ones we had to be good so they can approve of us and Throughout my life, I think in my career, I’ve always been challenged by that. And actually one company I worked with, I was the only woman on the whole management team, and it was all men. And it was a wedding network. And they were all telling me I didn’t know anything about what the business needed to do. And I’m like, you guys have never had been in a wedding. You don’t know anything about it. And so but I but I remember even just personally, that my, my kind of stance of my own power was not very powerful. We learned this from our family. We’re going to talk about that too. But, but really, I want to inspire people to really embrace that there even if you don’t feel like you’re powerful. Now you, you have it in you already. It’s not something you have to create or do something out there to claim your power. Like when I get that relationship, I can feel powerful or I can fit in with everyone or the society has power. The money has power. That we can we can actually go within to get it and it’s already there for us.

Robert Maldonado 10:05

Yeah. Well psychologically though, how does a woman step into that? That power right then that embodiment of this universal power, or archetype of Anima?

Debra Maldonado 10:21

Well, I think the first step is that we’re conditioned to believe where the ego the persona, where this little persona, you know, working, doing this work for how many decades, a decade over a decade now, so many people are shocked to know that they have a persona. They don’t even realize that that’s not they think their personality is who they are. And they’ve never even explored the unconscious. And, and I think the first step is to be open to the idea that you’re more than just your ego that you’re more than just the the collection of memories and experiences you had growing up and patterns. It’s great to work on those and to change them and be aware of them. That’s the first step. But we need to go a little deeper to what we’re not conscious of what what influences are stopping us. And then we’re able to access this deeper universal self that we have, that is going to transform us into that divine woman that we want to be. So the first step is, you know, in Jungian terms is to understand our shadow. So we have to look at the persona that we developed based on this anima figure, you know, this woman. And we basically assume that we’re human and our parents mother probably thought she was just merely human, maybe not in some cases. And so we kind of take our identity and identify as the women in our life have shown us, and we think and that’s kind of how we we kind of make a like a template for our persona. But we have to understand that that was just a very limited idea of who we are. And so women that are called to this work, they have to face the shadow. So I created this persona, what am i pushing away by doing that? What am I denying of myself? What other aspects of myself? Am I not able to see?

Robert Maldonado 12:19

And I know a lot of in general men and women that do Jung’s work. Stop at the shadow.

Debra Maldonado 12:29


Robert Maldonado 12:30

They think that that because it is so powerful to to understand that you’re not the persona, through Shadow Work, you start to kind of see the deeper parts of the psyche, but that that’s not individuation. They’re not meant to stop there. Yeah. What’s beyond the Shadow Work for a woman?

Debra Maldonado 12:49

Well, I want to say just giving an example of like my personal experience with shadow. Just to give you an example and it’s very, it’s a very common, so a lot of you So we can go to the deeper level. So my persona was I base it on my mother, which she was she’s a lovely woman, I love her to death. She’s such a great mom. I love isn’t she sweet? She’s great. And she’s kind of the person that wants to please and she doesn’t like conflict. And she likes to keep everything smooth. And she wants to make sure everyone’s taken care of very, very loving and kind. And which is a great template to base your persona on. So for me, I did the same thing. And I would carry that into I don’t want to cause waves at work. I shouldn’t ask for raises. I shouldn’t stand up for myself a little bit because I don’t want to cause fights with people. So I would be like basically avoiding conflict. And then over my life, I buried a lot of anger. And so I never thought of myself as an angry person. I always say I’m a nice person. I have this wonderful, pleasing persona. But when I started Doing the Shadow Work, I realized how much rage I had of all the times I swallowed my power. And I feel like it’s a great example of a woman’s power is that when we give our power away to someone else, it’s like we’re swallowing her and we’re not standing. We’re not expressing our anger and anger is really just a call to power. You know, it’s like, Hey, stop it. You know, it’s a we should all have it. If we don’t have it will be. If we don’t use it, we’ll be stepped on.

Robert Maldonado 14:29

It reminds me of that show. Sorry. It’s about a woman who’s always apologizing. I never read that one.

Debra Maldonado 14:34

I’ve never read it either. But anyway, it’s this kind of tapping into that anger and not in I got to heal the anger. But when I went in, like access to in my shadow, I realized just how much me just pushing it that anger away, has led for me to limit my life in such terrible ways, like not terrible, like I didn’t do anything terrible, but I was like, kind of like not feeling I was abandoning myself were people out and it wasn’t even people took advantage of me because I allowed it you know, it was more like I didn’t stand up. And now and even when I wanted to so I so that first level of the shadow is like dealing facing my anger and honoring it. And then because the shadow has all these beautiful energies and forces that we didn’t realize we had this energy, it gives us this like, a way to now the union of the persona and the shadow that those two opposites. Now we, we have the strength to face the universals the bigger self are our universal power. And because human powers is great, you can set boundaries and you can you know, write affirmations and create small goals. But when you go through the shadow and then you access this deeper power so it’s something that you’re you do it in a conscious way you’re not just using anger as power, you’re actually going down deeper to a more universal power. And that’s the Anima the power of that universal soul. If you think about what kind of powers that will look at the world, look at the, the way the world has been created the power to make matter the pattern, and then also destructive, causes storms and fires and floods. And you know, it’s a, if you look at the stars, and they study, you know, the astronomy, they’re always saying, you know, there there’s, it’s a violent universe, you know, so it’s also violent, but also very beautiful. And so we have those really powerful forces, but we have to earn the right it’s like the hero’s journey. We have to To face the shadow the dragon, which is the mother archetype, to actually be strong enough to embody that otherwise, it will like you know, it will just be intimidated by it. Yeah, and I think that for women, it’s not okay for us to be angry. We’re the bitch and all that they even wrote a book called why men love bitches. So there’s this glorification. 

Robert Maldonado 17:16

So let’s say at the personal level at the individual level, a woman that stays on the surface and she believes she is her personality. You’re saying that’s not the expression of the Anima?

Debra Maldonado 17:33

She could have that goddess pictures and dress like a goddess and in can be the goddess persona. But if she has fear and she you know is always worried about you know, I think I thought I was more mystical Oh, so mystical and so enlightened early on, and I realized I didn’t face my shadow yet. So all this other stuff came in, it became more I want to be all good. And so we have that persona, that if we don’t face our shadow, it’ll feel like the forces of the world are against us. And here’s a really good clue if you haven’t, if you’re feeling like a woman, like this powerful woman. The battle isn’t out in the world like you don’t see the the external as external forces against you. You see it as your own mind, showing you where you’re holding yourself back. Like you see you feel connected to the world in a more universal way versus just, I got to go out there and fight the world and I got to beat the enemy and conquer things. It’s more Oh, I see. This is me. This is all me. And so that’s the difference. So that’s a really quick test for you. If you are really embodying the Anima in a divine way, you don’t see anyone as an enemy. You don’t see anything as a as an external conflict. You see it all reflected yourself. And the Shadow Work is basically the the training ground. It’s like our sparring ground for really seeing that we’re looking seeing ourselves in the projection of the world. It’s kind of like a training. It’s like, you know, when they have the boxers, they have a little cushion on your little protected because you’re just working with your little mini, your little personal history and smaller forces. And when you’re able to break free and go to the universal forces, then everything. It’s a bigger game, you start to play, you really can shift in in a lot of ways you’re going to see different people show up in your life, you’re going to be able to create much easier. A lot of people say how do I create How do I create my life. And if you haven’t done your shadow work, it’s really really hard, because you still think that something external is internal. So the whole goal of a woman’s power and like just like I said in the beginning, is seeing that you are the world. You are the power. What you’re seeing Is you in the world? And if you can see that, and even you know, it’s hard for some people to think, Well, I’m not that negative person or I’m not that angry, you know, terrible, terrible person. But to see that that’s aspect of the universal psyche, that there’s dark and light in everything. And then we’re not afraid anymore, because we know we’re seeing our own. Yeah, aspect of ourselves.

Robert Maldonado 20:22

So, I mean, the exciting part of obviously, for most of us is the creative part. Yes. So what what goes on and how to, how does the mechanism work of creating, from your mind essentially, because as you process your shadow as you integrate your shadow, meaning, you’re no longer identifying yourself as a persona.

Debra Maldonado 20:46

And your past history that you feel like

Robert Maldonado 20:48

You’re not tied to that, yeah, you’re not tied to that. But now what’s, what’s the challenge about what’s the moving forward about because we don’t want to get stuck in the end. Just creating shadow or fighting the shadow?

Debra Maldonado 21:02

Well, you know what I see happen when people do Shadow Work and I think they do stay working on the shadow because it’s comfortable. And, you know, I was just talking to someone about this yesterday, when you go go beyond the shadow, it’s kind of intimidating because now it’s like you have the keys to create. And so with great power comes great responsibility. It’s like you it’s almost like those superheroes like the Marvel in the comics, you know, they get this power in that first they don’t know what to do with it. And so that is really the archetypal struggle of someone who is awake, we want to we would like rather have the familiar and you know, it happens like slowly like a lot of people think it’s like a flip of the switch and all of a sudden you’re your true self. But I look at my life from even when I was in the corporate world and then I started my first hypnotherapy practice and then you and I started working together and evolution of our business over the past 15 years I see myself has the girl that just started that hypnotherapy practice is no longer here like I’m someone new and it’s that kind of what limited her doesn’t limit me. And then there’s more to grow. There’s more to see. And I started playing this game a couple years ago called Debbie gets everything she wants. And it actually it takes practice. It’s kind of like remember the karate kid? Mr. Miyagi made him do all these like things? Wax on wax off. I don’t know if you ever saw that movie. He he made the person do all these kind of weird things to challenge in the world these weird challenges. But it’s actually preparing you for like slowly unconsciously preparing you for the bigger game. And so now it’s like, piece by piece, every time you deal with a conflict in your life, you’re gaining more power. So you want to actually not run away from conflict, you want to go toward it. Because every conflict is a piece. It’s like two things that are separate and rigid. And when you face them, they actually come together and become more power power for you to have. And so I found that all the conflicts that have growing a business, finding love and all those things, has developed Me too. In a way, there’s so much more to go to be able to really know for certain that I’m creating my own life, that it’s not external. If I ask myself different questions now than when I did 20 years ago, when I 20 years ago, I would ask, like, why is this happening to me and, you know, falling into like, whether there’s a bad economy or whether there’s enough men in the world like me, that that would love me. It’s over time you start to really see, oh, I’m creating this there’s there’s just kind of a knowing. And then you keep you know, you go when you fall out of it, you get sucked into the world again and then you go back to Oh yeah, we remember again. And it’s just the remembrance of the power that you have become stronger and stronger. So again, it’s not a flip it’s not a switch, you’ll have these moments of, Oh, wait, I’m powerful. I you have the glimpses of the Anima and then eventually you start she becomes more of who you embody and more of your your life then then then the ego and so that is, there’s a point I think, where we start to really shift and it can happen like you know, it feels like it’s happening in slow motion. And before you know it, it’s like Oh, where did she go? Where did Debbie go? Where did that little scared little insecure girl go? It’s she’s gone.

Robert Maldonado 24:56

So well we know about consciousness is that the World presents itself to us, based on what we assume is there, in essence, what we know about our own mind. Yes, and our own self we see in the world, that reflective kind of quality of creation. So what is the difference? Let’s say if some, from a woman that is caught in the identity of the persona, to a woman who has realized or integrated her shadow.

Debra Maldonado 25:33

I love that question. The person will tend to feel like more a victim and I know a lot of people hate that word. But they’ll feel like the forces externally are more powerful than them. That they are small, and the world is big. And that what is going to make them happy is external. Like if I get that person if I make more money, if I have enough money in the bank, or this person likes me, this person doesn’t think bad of me. If I have enough friends, if I have having fun, if I have a beautiful house, a beautiful car, like all those things that we, we tend if I have a certain weight, if I am stylish if people like my Facebook posts, you know a ton of if I’m successful, those things if we define ourselves by those, then we’re in ego. But if we define ourselves and we can be with all the things that we still want to create in our life, and they’re not all perfect yet, and we can still feel powerful. That is a difference that that’s the difference. It’s like, I love one of our favorite authors, Wallace Wattles. He was like from 100 years ago, but he said that, that he wrote the book, the science of being great, one of the one of his books, and he said that we’re perfect but not complete, is that we are already there and we’re there still more to grow. I think a lot of people feel that because they’re so more to go they don’t want to get complacent or they it’s like a constant striving, the ego to keep improving. And I also think the ego makes it a story of you’re not enough. But the drive to improve is actually the divine in us in constant growth. So there’s always if you look at a tree, it’s a great metaphor for this is a tree as a seedling, even as a little seed without even in the ground yet is perfect. It’s not complete, it needs the nourishment. So it goes in the ground. It has a little tiny bud come up. It’s perfect, but not complete. And it grows and it grows and it grows and the tree I love because it’s it lives for hundreds of years. And so we know that it’s this slow, beautiful evolution. And it’s never finished. Until like a dice maybe eventually if it gets hit by lightning or whatever, but it’s it’s So we have to think of ourselves that way that we’re perfect right now. We’re not broken, there’s nothing needs to be fixed. It’s just that we’re incomplete that we’re keep and you know a lot of people confuse this with Oh am I a complete woman or incomplete means that I’m not finished yet you know, I’m still there still life to live there store more growth to have there’s still more adventures to have and incomplete, not meaning that that the switch, you know, the switch turns on and then I’m done with life. It’s life is always evolving, and to embrace that.

Robert Maldonado 28:36

Yeah, I know, this question comes up. When we talk about consciousness and how the world reflects our consciousness in a sense that they, they often people often interpret it as that means I don’t have to take any action that um, I just have to imagine things. Oh, yes, visualize things and that’s going to happen.

Debra Maldonado 29:01

Well, that’s a spiritual bypassing it in a way. I mean, eventually, if you’re at higher consciousness, sure, if you want to spend, you know, your whole life, trying to master your mind, there is that potential for you to just imagine it and will appear. Unfortunately, most of us, including myself included, are not at that high level of access in that consciousness yet where we can just have it appear. We may have instances like that, and glimpses of that, but we’re in this world. So we have to, we have an ego. So we have to kind of go out and we have to make things happen. And I think we’re designed that way. Because if there is no challenge, how do we, if there’s no push back and force, how are we going to ever grow to the next level? So it’s great, you can close your eyes and imagine, you know, a giant, you know, beautiful mansion in front of you. Where’s the growth? They’re like, Where is what would it What are you going to learn from that? It just creates more attachment to the external. But it’s the journey itself. It’s for me when I left the corporate world, I said to myself, you know, I don’t know if I’m going to succeed or fail. But I want to see what I made of it. I remember saying that I just want to see what I’m made of. I want to see what’s possible. And I think, you know, manifesting is overrated because I think we need to wrestle with material the material world, I think it’s what gives us that courage in that knowledge and understanding. Of course, there’s the other extreme, where people are just struggling with the world and not using their mind. We want to have a matter and spirit to work together. And so I do believe that, again, conflict creates change, it creates transformation. So we need a little bit of it in order for us to grow and we don’t want to be afraid of it. What’s so hard about Stretching yourself and being scared to put a video on YouTube or to go and open your heart tilt for love, you know. If there’s nothing at risk there’s, you miss out on all the beautiful glory of passion and chance. And if we look at movies, what are the any movie that doesn’t have any drama in it, we’re like, that’s not really good. But if it has that there is something at stake. It really helps us have a full experience of life. I think the divine wants to experience us, itself through us. And so that includes all the kind of ideas of the ego and the limitations that we kind of were born into and wrestle ourselves out of them. It’s a beautiful process it’s almost like we like the chrysalis to the butterfly needs that struggle to become the butterfly to fly so we we have that it’s like they’re all this kind of the patterns of the universe are are right in front of us. So why we have to struggle.

Robert Maldonado 32:00

So it seems like we go from this over identification with a persona ego. And then we go through this transformation, where we get into more of the cosmic universal patterns and understanding the deeper aspects of the psyche. But then it goes back to what are we creating is individual? Yes. What is our purpose on earth?

Debra Maldonado 32:27

And, you know, that’s, I think one of the things we talk about is attachment and Eastern philosophy. They talk about non attachment, and a lot of people confuse that as not caring, but I think, to create outside of the ego to create something because you want to just make something beautiful. A lot of artists say they their best work is when they’re not worried about the money, you know, is that when you’re worried about the money, then it kind of distorts it and there’s an attachment to love. So truly, it’s almost like a mother’s love. Like when you have a baby. I’d never had a baby, but I can imagine how it would feel I held babies before is that kind of there’s no attachment there. It’s just pure love. And so there’s just why create a baby If you know why, because it’s beautiful. And that’s why we’re here to experience life. It’s just a beautiful place to explore the good and the bad of the dark in the light of all creation.

Robert Maldonado 33:32

Yeah. Yeah, it certainly puts love in a bigger context. Yes. And just kind of this physical comfort or attachment.

Debra Maldonado 33:42

And emotional like, feeling like you belong. You have your part of society. And I remember one time I was I really wanted kids when I was in my 30s. And my coach at the time asked me to write down why I want children and all the things I came up with were very egotistical. They were Well, my parents would visit me more. And I would feel a part of like kind of a success in the family. And it really very little of it was about there was one thing about being a mother being able to share love with another human being. But a lot of it was ego. And most of us, that’s what we do. We want these things in life. And we say, Oh, I want to help people or I want to, you know, have a relationship because I want to share my love with someone. But we know if we’re attached when we it’s not there. And when there’s pain, we know we’re attached to we know that it’s ego driving it. And so I remember what shifted for me with love was I just wanted to just meet interesting people like it wasn’t even at the point where I really wanted some of that. I mean, I had my mind. Yes, I want to commitment, but I would just wanted to like, have interesting conversations with men about psychology and philosophy. And then you showed up out of the blue, because I just didn’t have that. Oh, wait, I’m alone and I need someone It was more like I just want to explain. And so for expecially with my business when I first started my hypnotherapy practice, I was scared to death leaving the corporate world. But I was like, I was called to that adventure. And it wasn’t an attachment of I got to prove something to anyone. But it was just I wanted that adventure. And so I think creating with a call to adventure, which is the hero’s journey is really the way we are meant to experience life.

Robert Maldonado 35:27

Yeah, I know a lot of women are uncomfortable kind of creating big things like, you know, like, big companies or, or big ideas that are going to transform the world, that kind of stuff. What would you say to them?

Debra Maldonado 35:46

Well, that I would ask them why they’re what’s scaring them. And most of the time, it’s what other people will think. And, and if they let people down, like they feel like they don’t have the talent or the skills.

Robert Maldonado 36:00

But I mean beyond the the persona, let’s say they do the Shadow Work, and now they’re able to create. What how do they apply that passion and that drive, you know in in this higher creative realm of not not the Shadow Work not the kind of seen your own limitations but the power of the the Anima expressed as a woman.

Debra Maldonado 36:27

Well if you think about nature, it’s always creating and so it’s really just creating new things. How could you run a company love Sara Blakely created redefined the whole bra industry inspired a lot of other women to to start their own thing. Some people create businesses like ours that help people, you know, become coaches and help others and become more spiritual leaders. For some people, it’s political, you know, they want to go out and change, you know the world to know that their creative force, it accesses something in them, which I love to refer to as unstopability, you know that any limitation that you see or face is with is from coming from within you, and that you already know how to work with it because you’ve already worked with it on the lower levels. So there’s other archetypal levels that we’re working with, and the big one we play in the big game. And that it’s women that stand up and embrace and express the divine woman, give other women permission and inspire other women permission to to see what’s possible. And since we all have it within us, we also we can see it everywhere we can see the anima everywhere and then the more women embrace it more, the more we other people will see it in themselves because everyone’s a mirror to each other. So I think it’s more than just what you’re creating. But the fact that you are in your power has inspires others to remember, like, if she could do it, maybe I can do it. Yeah. And if no one embraced their power, we would just be all ego ladies worried and scared, and trying to keep up the persona. So I think it’s very important, like a more a bigger problem to solve is not just creating money and success, but it’s, who. We’re inspiring a next generation of women and women after that, to change the world and maybe save the planet and have a safer place for us to live and there’s so many bigger things at stake.

Robert Maldonado 38:48

Yeah, because I would think the Anima if its power is love and creativity and kind of this intuition that Yeah, the soul Power, right. It’s it’s the Soul of the World. I would think a women that embody that, then would be creating companies creating businesses creating ideas that are much needed in the world right now. Right? Because it’s about caring for the planet. It’s about community, of caring for other people and those kind of ideas. I mean, that’s what changes the world.

Debra Maldonado 39:32

Yeah. And so, and for me, personally, I remember when I was just a little secretary, and 19 years old and working in a law firm right out of high school, and I ended up moving, getting a job at MTV in New York, and it was the first it was all men in that were in the attorney. So it was the women were the secretaries, the men were the leaders. And then I worked I was working in New York actually worked for a female. And I was looking around at the offices and I said, Wow, there’s women in offices. Like this is interesting. And I can tell you when changed for me. And this is just a simple story. She, my friend, she was a paralegal. She called me in her office, close the door and sat down and she looked really serious. And I was like, What did I do? Like, I want you to get fired. And she goes, Debbie, what are you doing? And she just had this stern look. And I said, What do you mean? She’s like, you are frickin smart, you are talented. You need to be more than just a secretary. You need to get your degree you need to get your ass in gear. You are wasting your talent. She’s like, What the hell are you doing and, and then I started going to NYU and started getting, you know, educating myself, which actually was very interesting how that whole process I still think about it. And, and I just, we all as women needs need another woman to show us the way sometimes, you know, we, we, if we don’t see empowered women we can’t we can’t we it’s harder. But when you see empowered women we think, well, she she did it. It’s possible. Sara Blakely, billionaire. There’s a lot of women, the fastest growing entrepreneurship is women. Women are taking on leadership roles all over the world, and it’s really inspiring. But that’s only the first step now we need to awaken them. Now we need to have an awakened women. And that’s join my force. I mean, of course, of course. We all need to do our shadow work so we can access that wonderful process.

Robert Maldonado 41:53

That would be key, right? Because, otherwise.

Debra Maldonado 41:56

It’s just a persona.

Robert Maldonado 41:57

Yeah, it’s trying to change something that doesn’t even really exist.

Debra Maldonado 42:02

Well, until you do Shadow Work, you still think that there’s an external world out there separate from you, that’s creating something outside of you. The Shadow Work is the initiation to the bigger work. It’s the initiation to your true power. And a lot of people it has a bad rap because it’s shadow and it’s dark, but it’s actually reclaiming all of our light all our power. Like I said, we swallowed all that anger, all that guilt, all the things that we don’t, like, you know, and we’re just kind of limited and feel stuck because we can’t say what we want to say. And it really is this transformation that happens for us gathering all those disowned parts of ourselves and reclaim them and that’s what Shadow Work is about. And then we and then really understanding I think initially, is that you are the Soul of the World. You are the Anima you that’s who you are, and that will get you through because you know that you’re not just an ego facing these little personal forces that you are this powerful being that’s going Wait a minute, this power within me. The picture I posted in the group earlier today of a woman standing on an alligator. And a lot of people don’t realize, but the alligator is also symbolic of the dragon, which is the mother. And if you think about Game of Thrones, those of you who are fans, the mother the dragons, she was this tiny little powerless girl sent off to marry someone else. And she became the leader. And then and then she became destructive. So she really like he definitely studied Jung. That show has lots of symbolism and Jungian psychology. And and so we all we know that we have this burning power within us the fire, and we need to we need to own it and we need to express it and it’s okay.

Robert Maldonado 43:51

You’re going to turn the dragons loose on the world.

Debra Maldonado 43:53

Who wants to come by Jeremy. Once the boat is leaving we’re going to paradise.

Robert Maldonado 44:00

Now one last question, okay. If let’s say, women in mass undergo this process, what would happen to men?

Debra Maldonado 44:11

We would awaken their souls, because the men’s Anima is unconscious. So they’re very externally focused and logical, hyper logical, very. They’re like the active force. But without the creativity, it can be very harsh and competitive. And women are naturally collaborative. So I think bringing out that man and balancing the men that would balance their psyches. And I think the whole world would be more in balance. And of course, there’s still going to be destruction, there’s still going to be you know, there. It’s not like a creating this utopia because the physical world Maya is going to always have light and dark. We’re not trying to get rid of the dark. We’re trying to understand it and see it for what it is. It’s only our own mind that we’re seeing our own consciousness that we’re seeing. And a lot of times what we judge is destructive, or that seems like very bad, actually turns out to be a gift for us. So we have to always know that there’s never anything 100% bad or 100% Good. It’s a mixture of both all the time. 

Robert Maldonado 62:18

That’s right. 

Debra Maldonado 62:20

So take care everyone.

Robert Maldonado 62:21

See you soon.

Debra Maldonado 62:22

Bye bye