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This is the first episode of our 6 part series on the Psychology of Coaching. We will explore the models of psychology used most in personal development and how they each create change. We will uncover the benefits and limitations of each model to reveal which coaching styles create deeper, lasting change. This series will help you understand your options for personal growth and how to choose the right coach training.

Today we discuss the “PsychoDynamic Theory” including the ideas of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler. If you don’t know who they are, you may know the terms that are used commonly in personal development, such as introvert/extrovert, inferiority complex, narcissism, archetypes, early childhood traumas, Freudian slips and more.

Your Unconscious in Life Coaching


Debra Maldonado  00:01

Hello, everyone, welcome to our Soul Session today live. And we are starting a new series.

Robert Maldonado  00:09

Yeah, it’s exciting.

Debra Maldonado  00:11

— in our beautiful podcasts, and one of the— we’re going to talk about the unconscious today. But the whole series is really about the psychology of life coaching.

Robert Maldonado  00:22

Yeah, and in particular, how does change really happen in coaching? What is the psychology behind that transformation?

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