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This series on emotions would not be complete without discussing emotionally-unavailable people. In this episode we discuss:

  • What is an emotionally-unavailable person?
  • The Puer Aeternus and Puella Aeterna (Forever Boy & Girl) Syndrome;
  • Dealing with a parent who is emotionally-unavailable;
  • Breaking the patterns of the past to invite a deep, intimate connection in relationships.

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The Seductive Power of Emotionally-Unavailable Partners


Debra Maldonado  00:07

Welcome back to another episode of Soul Sessions with Creative Mind. This is wrapping up our series on emotions. One way to wrap it up is to talk about people that hold back their emotions. The title is the seductive power of emotionally unavailable people. I wish I heard this episode when I was single because that was my life — always being seduced by that person you can’t have that doesn’t want to get close. Why does that happen? Why does that keep happening to a lot of people?

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