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This is a continuation of the series we are doing on Spiritual Influences in Coaching. In this episode we will share:

  • What is Sufism? The mystical poetry of Rumi.
  • Rumi’s approach to piety and spirituality; he discovered that beyond the safe, dry and socially approved forms of obedience and renunciation there is a meta-spirituality of love, which consists in joyously and creatively celebrating our relationship with God.
  • How has it has influenced coaching? Rumi is America’s best read poet.

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Sufi Mysticism in Coaching


Robert Maldonado  00:00

Welcome back to the podcast. Today we’re talking about Sufi mysticism. And of course, we cannot mention Sufi mysticism without talking about Rumi, everyone’s favorite poet. And it’s a continuing series we’re doing on spiritual influences on coaching. And in particular our coaching model.

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