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Continuing in our series on emotions, we talk about emotions or suppressing of emotions and their affect on the mindbody.  In this episode we will explore:

  • How fear and anger are connected to anxiety and depression 
  • How destructive emotions can lead to cancer and other illness
  • How to work with your emotions to create healing

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Destructive Power of Anger


Debra Maldonado  00:06

Here we are, another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. What are we talking about today?

Robert Maldonado  00:13

Good to be here. Today we’re talking about our continuing series on emotions. This one is on anger, probably one of the main emotions that nobody gets away with, not working with, even the Dalai Lama. When they asked him “Do you get angry?” “Of course, I do. I have to work with it.”

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