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Continuing our discussion on Jungian Psychology, we explore mythology, rituals and theology from their roots to the modern world. From a psychological perspective, we discuss:

  • What are mythology, rituals and theology, and how are they linked
  • The difference between ritual and conditioned patterns
  • Jung’s remedy for the modern world

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Debra Maldonado  00:28 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. I am Debra Maldonado, here again with Rob Maldonado. We’re so excited to bring this new series on Carl Jung, we love his work. Today we’re talking about mythology, rituals, the collective unconscious. A juicy episode. But before we begin, I do want to mention, if you are listening to us on Spotify, iTunes, or all other podcast services, remember to subscribe on your chosen service, so you can hear previous episodes, but also the new ones that are coming out in the next few weeks on Carl Jung.

Robert Maldonado  01:14

I wanted to add, we really appreciate the comments that we’ve been getting on some of the podcasts.

Debra Maldonado  01:20

We’d also love to dedicate this to our Jungian coach graduates who are out there, spreading Jungian coaching out into the world and helping people become awakened to their true self and getting out of their patterns, really creating change in their life. Shout out to you guys. I’ve been doing self-help personal development for decades. The idea of the collective unconscious is quite unique to Carl Jung.

Robert Maldonado  01:52

He’s one of the pioneers in the area of the collective unconscious, which lends depth to his work. It’s hard to find in any modern psychology besides his work. When we talk about mythology, ritual theology, or religious philosophy, comparative religion, any of those topics, Jung’s work gives us a framework from which to understand these concepts in a psychological way.

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