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What is the ego and why does it cause problems in our life? Join us as we clarify Carl Jung’s concept of the ego and the role it plays in our early life development as well as how it influences our adult life. According to Debra’s new book, “Like a Spark From Fire: Break Free from the Past, Find Your Brilliance and Become Your True Self,” the ego is a false representation of who we truly are. Instead, we need to go beyond the ego to discover our true personality. In this episode we explore the following questions:

  • What is the ego?
  • Should we ignore or get rid of the ego?
  • How do we co-exist with the ego without letting it run our life?
  • How do we face the shadow that the ego creates so we can have free will?

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How to Tame Your Ego to Get Unstuck in Life


Robert Maldonado  00:07

Welcome back to another session of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. We’ve been doing a series on “Like a Spark From Fire”. We have the author with us, of course. We get to ask her some questions.

Debra Maldonado  00:25

My book, you can see it on my bookshelf, “Like a Spark From Fire,” just came out last month, if you want to find out more, just a little plug, We were number one a couple times in Jungian topic and then also psychology and education. We have some great reviews and a lot of our students and fans over the years that liked my first book, Let Love In, have read the book. It’s just a fresh take on what we teach now, which is Jungian coaching. In this episode, I thought it would be really great to talk about the ego, how to tame the ego and get unstuck in life. Because I always say that the only problem we have in life, we think we have all these problems, we don’t have enough money, we don’t have great relationships, we have poor health — the only problem we really truly have is that we believe we’re the ego. If we can really believe that we’re not the ego, and that there’s something bigger and greater in us, then our life would change. That’s what the books about, “Like a Spark from Fire,” you have that spark within you. The ego just covers it up, that spark is your true potential. Why don’t we start with what is the ego?

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