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As we conclude our series on myths and symbols, we examine the various hero tales and how death and rebirth are symbols of transformation. We consider what we can learn about these symbols as we undergo our own transformational life. In this episode we explore:

  • The myths of rebirth through heroes such as Kaleesi & Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones, Jonah & the Whale in the bible, Batman, Dante’s descent into the underworld, Faust
  • Why we resist the hero’s journey and stay stuck;
  • Why the ego has to die in order for us to become our true self;
  • The Dark Night of the Soul as a beginning of something new.

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Fear and Transformation – Myth of the Hero


Robert Maldonado  00:01

Welcome back to Soul Sessions.

Debra Maldonado  00:06

With CreativeMind. What is today’s topic?

Robert Maldonado  00:08

We’re continuing our hero’s journey, we’ve been doing a series on myths and how they relate to emotions, psychology, our work and life.

Debra Maldonado  00:23

Personal growth. We talked about shame. We talked about love, we talked about anger. Today, we’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite topic, fear, and transformation, and how it relates to the myth of the hero. Joseph Campbell was very popular in his hero’s journey epic, bringing in all these myths. We are going to go deeper into that today. Because we’re all on a journey. We’re all on a hero or heroine’s journey in our life, whether we like it or not.

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