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Throughout history and in myths, we find the divine child archetype. But this archetype is not just a mythological figure; it also resides within each of us. In this episode, we explore the prophecies, adversity and ultimate triumphs surrounding historical “chosen ones” and the potential to awaken the divine child within us. We discuss:

  • The symbolic nature of the divine child archetype
  • Examples of the “divine child” from world mythology
  • The adversity and lessons for the divine child archetype

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Debra Maldonado  00:28 

Hello, welcome to another wonderful episode of Soul Sessions. I’m Debra Berndt Maldonado, here with Dr. Rob Maldonado to share and continue our series on the wonderful concepts of Carl Jung and Jungian psychology. Before we begin, I do want to remind you, if you are listening to us on Spotify, iTunes, any of those wonderful podcast services, please subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode. Also, I’d like to dedicate this episode, The Divine Child, to our graduates, students, future graduates of our Jungian life coach training. Those of you who don’t know we do this, we actually train coaches in these methodologies working with deeper layers of the psyche. We have a cohort starting in December. If you’re interested, please click on the link in the show notes to find out more about our amazing 12 months immersion of Jungian psychology and business building to create a new career as a Jungian life coach. This might be my favorite episode, because it’s talking about the Divine Child archetype.

Robert Maldonado  01:34

We have the mother archetype, the father archetype, there’s gotta be a kid, the Divine Child, that rounds out the family structure. Here you see the usefulness of these deeper archetypal myths and symbols, they’re really talking about our everyday life. They’re not just abstract ideas that are remote from our everyday lives. They inform and deepen our life by pointing to the deeper structures in the psyche from where these patterns arise. Where does the family structure come from? It’s from a deeper structure in the psyche.

Debra Maldonado  02:28

Why do we have babies? Why do we have families? Why is the family structure the way it is? How does this all work? When we think about our everyday life, we dream every night, at least four to five times a night, these images come to us in dreams. So many people asked me “I had a dream I had a baby” or “I had a dream I was pregnant, or my best friend was pregnant.” It’s not about precognitive dream where you’re thinking this is a prediction. It is more this symbolic way we live our life and what the unconscious is trying to tell us. It ties everything together. You can’t read a dream dictionary, you have to understand the archetypes and the process of individuation to really get what the dream is trying to tell you. It’s not what you think on a logical or practical level, it’s so much deeper. But without further ado, the Divine Child archetype. Again, archetype is a universal symbolic structure deep within us that goes beyond our personal experience. We’re born with these archetypes, we’re on the ocean of consciousness, our consciousness is on the surface. These are deep parts of ourselves, throughout humanity. They show up in myths, they show up in stories, they show up in our everyday journey in life.

Robert Maldonado  03:48

In movies and novels.

Debra Maldonado  03:51

The Divine Child, what does it represent?

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