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Carl Jung and his work were deeply influenced by Eastern Philosophy. He bridged the spirituality of the East with the science and psychology of the West. In this episode, we explore the relationship between Yoga and Jung and discuss:

  • How yoga philosophy and dream work influenced Jungian psychology
  • The ultimate aim of yoga
  • Why Jungian psychology is so powerful

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Debra Maldonado  00:28 

Hello, welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. I’m Debra Maldonado, here with Dr. Rob Maldonado. We’re excited to continue our series on Carl Jung and his contribution to psychology and to the world. Today we’re talking about his integration of Eastern philosophy into the Western world. But before we begin, I do want to remind you to subscribe to our channel. If you are listening to us on Spotify, iTunes, or any of those wonderful podcast hosting services, please subscribe, we’d love to see you every week on Soul Sessions. I’d like to dedicate this episode to our Jungian coaches that go through our Jungian coach training. It’s a year long training that is so profound to help you go deeper into these concepts, especially the concepts we’re going to share today. Just to let you know, if you are interested in finding out more about our coach training, we do have another cohort always coming up. Please sign up on our website. Check it out in the show notes to find out more.

Robert Maldonado  01:33

Special shout out to our students in London and in Europe in general, who we got to meet up with recently. That was incredible. Thank you, guys.

Debra Maldonado  01:46

Let’s get into today’s Jungian Eastern philosophy. I think this is why I feel so drawn to Jung as well. Not just because of the deep work he did with shadow and dreams. I always followed Eastern philosophy as well. It just felt like it fit really well.

Robert Maldonado  02:04

He was the first to really integrate Eastern wisdom into a Western psychological model. A lot of people forget his contribution. If he only did that, that would be enough to cement him as one of the great founders of psychology. But of course, now what’s happening is a lot of the new discoveries in neuroscience and physics is waking people up to the fact that he was on the right track. Essentially, he was ahead of his time, thinking of consciousness as it truly is: a fundamental principle of the universe, not just an emergent property.

Debra Maldonado  02:52

How did he come about exploring yoga philosophy or Eastern philosophy?

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