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Continuing our series on Jung and Yoga, we explore the common threads between Yoga Philosophy and Jungian Psychology. In this episode, we explore the unconscious mind, both personal and collective, and what both east and west approaches talk about the unconscious aspect of ourselves.

  • Understand Jung’s concept of the unconscious both personal and collective
  • What the Upanishads say about Karma and how Jung saw this play out psychologically
  • Hear about Arjuna’s Vision of Krishna’s Universal Form and how this ties into Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious
  • How to make the unconscious conscious and change your life

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How to Realize the Power of the Collective Unconscious


Debra Maldonado 00:27
Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. I’m Debra Berndt Maldonado, here with Dr. Rob Maldonado. We’re continuing our series on Jung and yoga, how they merge together, East versus West. But before we begin our topic today, I wanted to remind you to subscribe to our podcast, either through Spotify, iTunes, or anywhere you’re listening to our podcast. If you’re watching us on YouTube, there’s a button in the corner of this video. Please click Subscribe, so you don’t miss a single episode. We’re continuing our series on Jung and yoga. Last week, we talked about the ego.

Rob Maldonado 01:10
That was an interesting concept to compare how Jung saw ego, and how it’s conceived of in yoga philosophy.

Debra Maldonado 01:21
In this episode we’re gonna go deeper, we’re gonna go beyond the ego to the part of us that we can’t see directly, how to realize the power of the collective unconscious. We’re going to talk about the unconscious mind in Jung and yoga, but most specifically the collective unconscious.

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