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If you’re looking for that creative spark, you need to welcome in the trickster archetype. Although the trickster brings chaos and unpredictability, there are many benefits to its presence in our lives. In this episode, we discuss:

  • The trickster archetype in the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita
  • Why the trickster isn’t all bad
  • How to work with the trickster for creativity
  • How nonattachment can help the creative process

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Debra Maldonado  00:27 

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Soul Sessions with Creative Mind. I’m Debra Berndt Maldonado. I’m here with Dr. Rob Maldonado, founders. And we are so excited to continue our series on the great works of Carl Jung. But before we begin, don’t forget to subscribe because we’d really love for you to catch every episode and the past episodes of our podcast. Today’s topic we take great reverence in speaking about and honor in. We’re talking about the trickster archetype. We’re gonna go deep into what the Trickster archetype is, how to love the trickster versus not love the trickster, and embrace it for what it is, how it impacts our creativity and our creation.

Robert Maldonado  00:49

Archetype is not so much of a character. A lot of people use it as a character, but it’s a behavioral pattern that’s part of our psyche, part of our collective unconscious. Where do we see it? We see it in mythologies, myths often portray the trickster in his varied ways, all the way from a clown figure that brings levity, irreverence.

Debra Maldonado  01:21

The joker, when you were in school, there was always one kid who was the class clown, everything’s serious, and they belt out a joke. Comedians.

Robert Maldonado  01:30

All the way to the devil, personification of evil, or the darkness in the psyche. That’s the trickster. We’re going to talk about, this is an interesting for us: how does the trickster archetype play into creativity? Because he plays an important role in human creativity. Often, he’s not acknowledged for that, we misunderstand what the trickster’s role is in creativity.

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