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Have you ever felt stuck because of something that happened to you in the past? Do you feel you have to fix the past in order to create a new future? This episode explains how to stop giving away your power to others and past circumstances so you can truly have the freedom to live your fullest life. We discuss:

  • Why is it important to take responsibility for your life?
  • How your power is projected onto others and leaves you with little control over your destiny
  • How to take back the projection and reclaim your power
  • How to make these changes today in your everyday life

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How to Stop Giving Your Power Away


Debra Maldonado  00:28 

Hello, welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. I’m Debra Berndt Maldonado, here with Dr. Rob Maldonado. We have a great topic today. It’s called How to Take Responsibility for Your Life. We are continuing our series on spiritual psychology. But before we begin and dive in, I want to remind you all to subscribe to us. If you’re listening to us and watching us on YouTube, there’s a little button here in the corner, click and subscribe. If you’re listening to us on one of the podcast services, make sure you subscribe, so that you do not miss any of these juicy episodes to expand your mind, expand your life, and get home before dinner. Let’s talk about how to take responsibility for your life. It’s really one of the biggest push backs we get from our students. People that do our work immediately go, “I am not responsible for this, this, and this.” Let’s talk about that.

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  • Jo Ann Fritz says:

    Dear Deb & Rob,
    I so appreciate you, as I always have! This podcast was very timely. Yesterday I experienced a major trigger regarding my self-worth and my self-worth to a particular person close to me was questioned. It literally took me all day to resolve this. I haven’t. experienced anything like this in a long time. I allowed myself to feel all the emotions and examined the root of this and true to your guidance, chose to work out a creative approach instead of my conditioned reaction. Whew! It was a challenging day, but so happy to be in a much different place this morning…….thanks to you and your wonderful insight and guidance and love.
    warmest regards and love,
    Jo Ann

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