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Your ideas about money and wealth are shaped by the messages you heard in early life which created your persona around success. There are four archetypes that define your relationship with money and play out unconsciously until you make them conscious. In this episode, we explore: 

  • What we unconsciously learn about wealth and success through early life
  • Understanding your Wealth Archetype and its shadow
  • Changing your relationship with your finances and choosing wealth

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What is Your Wealth Archetype?


INTRO 00:00

Welcome to CreativeMind Soul Sessions with Debra Berndt Maldonado and Dr. Rob Maldonado, founders of CreativeMind. Explore personal growth with us through Jungian psychology, Eastern spirituality, and social neuroscience in a deep but practical way. Let’s begin.

Debra Maldonado 00:25

Hello, welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind, Debra and Rob here to enlighten your minds and free your soul. We’re continuing our series on How to Succeed Without Losing Your Soul. Today, we’re talking about your wealth archetype. What is that? What’s the shadow? How to free your mind to create abundance in your life and not lose your soul along the way?

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