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In this episode, Debra shares her story about how she made the transition from corporate executive to entrepreneur. She shares her setbacks, resistance, and what ultimately made the difference in making the leap to become her own boss. Be inspired by her story to create your own happy ending and live your purpose.

  • Importance of Women Role Models and Mentors
  • Past Conditioning from Family, Culture and Society
  • Stages of Change

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The Incredible Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur


INTRO  00:00

Welcome to Creative Mind Soul Sessions with Debra Maldonado and Dr. Rob Maldonado, founders of Creative Mind. Explore personal growth with us through Jungian psychology, Eastern spirituality, and social neuroscience in a deep, but practical way. Let’s begin.

Robert Maldonado  00:23

Hello, everyone, welcome back to soul sessions, we have a very special conversation that we’re going to have. Because we have an expert with us. And we want to know about your personal journey,from worker to entrepreneur. Not only that, to successful entrepreneur, and what makes you tick, and what was your experience like? And then we want to do a series, the next five sessions will be talking about this theme, from different perspectives, different elements of that successful journey of entrepreneurship,

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