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Listen to our recent Soul Sessions podcast episode to explore the impact of emotions and how you can understand them to free your mind from old patterns and create a new reality.

Have you tried thinking positive but you still keep getting the same results in life? In this episode we explore how your emotions create your life and how you can understand them to finally free your mind from old patterns and create a new reality.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How peer influence and childhood roles subconsciously affect our adult interactions and career dynamics
  • The impact of early conditioning on relationships and the power of Jungian coaching to reveal core emotions
  • The evolution of trust and how our attachment styles dictate our openness in relationships
  • Techniques for integrating emotional power to transform and elevate our creative expression

This episode is a call to those who wish to not merely exist within the confines of a conditioned life, but to lead a life that’s truly extraordinary and connected.

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INTRO  00:00

Welcome to CreativeMind Soul Sessions with Debra Berndt Maldonado and Dr. Rob Maldonado, founders of CreativeMind. Explore personal growth with us through Jungian psychology, Eastern spirituality, and social neuroscience in a deep, practical way. Let’s begin. 

Debra Maldonado  00:25 

Hello, welcome to Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. I’m Debra Maldonado, here with Dr. Rob Maldonado. We’re going to talk about emotions today. Before we begin, I do want to remind you, if you are watching us on YouTube, click the button here in the corner and subscribe to our channel. If you’re listening to us on Spotify, iTunes, or any of the wonderful podcast services that deliver this over the airwaves, please subscribe, so you can make sure you get every episode of Soul Sessions. That helps us a lot to get more listeners and get this information out to more people. We’re talking about emotions today. I always felt that there’s good emotions, and there’s bad emotions. If we’re sad, we want to be happy. We’re gonna bust through some myths here around emotions and talk a little bit about how they were created and how we can work with them.

Robert Maldonado  01:29

In general, emotions can lock us into these patterns. But because they’re the key that locks the door, it is also the key that turns the lock the other way and unlocks the door and frees us. But it’s all how we work with these emotions and how we’d look at them.

Debra Maldonado  01:50

Maybe a lot of people don’t realize that in the conditioning, when people talk about their patterns, that it’s emotional. They think of thought patterns, I’m thinking negatively, or I have negative behavioral patterns, but they’re all tied to emotion.

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