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What is the ultimate goal of meditation according to Buddhism? In this episode, we explore the transformative power of meditation and the benefits Buddha outlined. We explore:

  • How to cultivate mindfulness
  • How to gain insight through meditation
  • The ultimate goal of meditation
  • The wisdom mind

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Debra Maldonado  00:27 

Hello, welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. I’m Debra Maldonado, here with Dr. Rob Maldonado. We’re continuing our series on the great minds of philosophy. Buddhism was the topic for the last two episodes. We have one more episode today that will finish up our little chat on Buddhism, even though we could do a whole series on this. But today we’ll talk about meditation and Buddhism. Before we begin, I do want to remind you, if you’re watching us or listening to us on Spotify, iTunes, those wonderful podcast services that host our program, make sure you click Subscribe so that you can get the rest of the series. Let’s talk about Buddhism and meditation.

Robert Maldonado  01:14

Just to recap, we talked about Buddha’s idea of the Four Noble Truths, philosophically, of course. From our perspective, we always want to get at the psychology of it. How does it help us? What does it do to our mind? Then we talked about his beautiful concept of aggregates that the individual self we identify with is such a false perception that the mind creates. It creates it out of aggregates, these elements that come together and make it appear as if we’re locked into these little bodies, and that’s all there is to us. His idea was that there’s a lot more to us.

Debra Maldonado  02:00

The mind is beyond the body, the mind is not just in the brain.

Robert Maldonado  02:04

That’s why consciousness is universal. But we wanted to also give people a way to practice some of these things. One of Buddha’s emphases was that you need to practice these things. This is not just to have these beautiful thoughts and muse about these things. There’s an actual way to experience these things, to have a direct experience of them.

Debra Maldonado  02:36

It’s part of the path to have self-realization.

Robert Maldonado  02:41

Of course, the ultimate aim in his philosophy is nirvana. Not the band.

Debra Maldonado  02:50

Pack your bags and go into nirvana. It’s not a destination. It’s a state of mind.

Robert Maldonado  02:56

We’ll talk about it. But let’s talk about his philosophy of meditation and the attainment of nirvana. It revolves around the subjective experience of the meditator and the transformation of the mind. In Buddhism, meditation serves as a powerful tool to understand the nature of reality, overcome suffering, and ultimately achieve nirvana, which is the freedom from the cycle of birth and death, which is samsara. We’ll talk about that.

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