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In this episode, we discuss social change and activism through the lens of the higher wisdom of Eastern philosophy. You can make a difference in the world with your dharma and we will explain how! We cover:

  • What did Gandhi really say about being the change in the world
  • Lessons from the Gita that give us instructions on how to deal with the challenges of the world 
  • The difference between an ego perspective and a higher perspective when facing adversity and taking action toward change
  • How to really make a difference in the world with non-violent active resistance

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How You Can Make a Difference in the World


INTRO 00:00

Welcome to Soul Sessions with CreativeMind with Debra Berndt Maldonado and Dr. Rob Maldonado of CreativeMind. Join us each week for inspiring conversations about personal development based on Jungian philosophy, Eastern spirituality, and social neuroscience. Spend each week with us to explore deep topics in a practical way. Let’s begin.

Debra Maldonado 00:29

Welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with Debra and Rob Maldonado with CreativeMind. Today we are talking about how to create change in the world, which many people are thinking about these days. How do we change the world? We’re going to go deep into what Eastern philosophy says, higher wisdom says about that idea of social change and making an impact on the world.

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