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Listen to our recent Soul Sessions podcast episode with Dr. Lauren Tober to explore yoga and guided practices and their implications for therapy and self-discovery.

Founder of the Yoga Psychology Institute and the Mental Health Aware Yoga training, Dr. Lauren Tober, joins Dr. Rob to discuss the depths of yoga and guided practices and how these practices harmonize with our hectic realities.

In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Tober shares her vast knowledge and personal experiences, highlighting the essence of utilizing meditation and yoga for overall mental health. Host Robert Maldonado, PhD, joins her to explore the deep connections between these practices and their implications for therapy and self-discovery.

In this episode, we unpack:

  • How varying meditation techniques, including short active meditations, can be skillfully adapted to individual needs for emotional regulation.
  • The profound intersection of Eastern philosophy with Western psychology to foster mental resilience and therapeutic practices.
  • Strategies for yoga teachers to maintain their composure and provide compassionate support for students experiencing emotional distress.
  • The role of yoga and meditation in managing mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma, offering a holistic approach to wellbeing.

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INTRO  00:00

Welcome to CreativeMind Soul Sessions with Debra Berndt Maldonado and Dr. Rob Maldonado, founders of CreativeMind. Explore personal growth with us through Jungian psychology, Eastern spirituality, and social neuroscience in a deep, practical way. Let’s begin. 

Debra Maldonado  00:23 

In this week’s episode, Dr. Rob interviewed Dr. Lauren Tober. She’s a clinical psychologist, senior yoga teacher, author, podcaster, founder of Yoga Psychology Institute. With a passion for health, healing, happiness, and awakening, Lauren integrates the best of Western psychology with the ancient yogic wisdom, both on and off the mat. She’s known for her insightful and down-to-earth trainings for yoga teachers and mental health professionals, including mental health aware yoga and yoga skills for health professionals. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredibly insightful interview with Dr. Lauren Tober.

Robert Maldonado  01:06

Dr. Lauren Tober, welcome to the podcast.

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