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Listen to our recent Soul Sessions podcast episode with Professor Dr. Harald Walach to explore the connection (or rather disconnection) between science and spirituality.

Ever wondered how the mysteries of the universe intertwine with the threads of human consciousness? We are so excited to have Professor Dr. Harald Walach on Soul Sessions to discuss the connection (or rather disconnection) between science and spirituality.

Join Dr. Rob and Dr. Walach as they bridge the gap between quantum physics, spirituality and the essence of human dignity. Get ready to dive deep into paradigm shifts, the nuances of consciousness and the realm of parapsychology.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The challenge of integrating quantum theory and relativity in modern physics
  • Jung’s theory of synchronicity and its implications for psychological and physical processes
  • The impact of excluding spirituality from our worldview on human dignity and innovation
  • The potential of AI, the role of human creativity and the need for a paradigm shift in science

Learn more about Dr. Harald Walach’s work and contributions through his website:

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