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In this episode, we will discuss entrepreneurs’ key characteristics and personality traits and how to learn to think like one to create more opportunities in your life. We explore:

  • How attributes such as creativity and risk-taking are central to having an entrepreneurial mindset
  • How an entrepreneurial mindset is not only for those who want to start a business but for anyone who wants to live a creative life
  • How to cultivate these personality traits
  • How Jungian Psychology gives entrepreneurs a roadmap to grow themselves and their business

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7 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur


Debra Maldonado 00:28

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Soul Sessions with CreativeMind. I’m Debra Maldonado, here with the amazing and talented Dr. Rob. We’re continuing our series on entrepreneurial mindset.

Robert Maldonado 00:44

We’ve been talking about entrepreneurial mindset. I hope you’re getting the idea that it’s not just for entrepreneurs, it’s for everyone. Because the way the economy works now, it’s so different than the way we were taught about work, that you’re going to work for a company, and have one career in your life, that’s out the window pretty much. Now we all have to be flexible, do multiple skills and tasks, and have different careers in a lifetime. We all have to have this entrepreneurial mindset.

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