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We Have An Impact

Working with Debra & Dr. Rob, I have more than tripled my 6-figure income. As my journey inward continued more career opportunities came my way.

Joanne NewbornCertified Life Coach

I worked with Deb and Rob for over a year and it changed my life. It really helped me take my blinders off and see how I create my own reality. This insight gave me the power to make new choices that moved me toward the life I wanted to have.

Renee SuzanneCertified Life Coach

Eastern philosophy helps me to understand the true nature of reality and myself, empowering me with the right philosophical foundation to best utilize Jungian work and techniques.

AnonymousCertified Life Coach

This work has been life changing for me and I more than highly recommend it to everyone who has long been searching for answers, as I was, on how to get unstuck in their lives without needing to heal themselves first...This is THE WAY.

Erin Mary MartinCertified Life Coach